Clay Cauley, Sr., Esq (Law Offices of Clay Cauley, Sr., former Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney.  Clay holds a law degree from Howard University School of Law.  Clay's law practice provides comprehensive legal counsel to individuals, organizations and to small and medium-sized businesses.  He is frequently asked to lecture on crimi8nal and constitutional law issues.  Clay also teaches at the Temple University Law School

Elizabeth Lomax (Cissy) holds a degree in Criminal Justice from Temple University where she is currently employed and presently working on a law degree.  She is a member of the Grammy nominated and Stellar Award winning Wilmington Chester Mass Choir. She has appeared on various venues with John P. Kee, Fred Hammond, Patty LaBelle, Nancy Wilson, Winton Marselles, Bobby Jones, Daryl Coley, Steven Hurd, LeMont Mears, Earth Wind and Fire, Jamal Bryant and Bishop Larry Trotter

Clay Cauley / Attorney At Law

Elizabeth LoMax / Publisist

LeMont Mears is a member of the Grammy nominated and Stellar Award winning Wilmington Chester Mass Choir.  He is a solo recording artist who has performed in the USA and internationally.  LeMont has performed in theatre productions such as "Sho Do Need Him Now," "Master I Want to Live." "The Old Landmark."  He has appeared with singers such as Glen Jones, Freddie Jackson, Jennifer Holiday, Musiq Soul Child, Eve, B-Slade, Peobo Brison, Kenny Lattimore, Patty LaBelle, Jennifer Holiday.

Make It So Management Staff

Sidney Weston /Production Manager

Allen Green /Executive Administrator  

LeMont Mears / CEO

Sidney Weston holds a Bachelors degree from the Philadelphia University.  He is a producer, songwriter, and performer.  A former member of Columbia Records recording group "Mission".  Sidney brings to the music industry a unique songwriting and producing techniques. Sidney has worked with various artist in the music industry such as Christopher Williams, Producer Nick Martinelli, Songwriters Randy Bowland and Curt Dowd.

Allen Green holds a Bachelors degree in Human Resource Management from the Philadelphia University.  He is employed at Penn Medicine Health Systems where he utilizes his administrative skills in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.  Allen is a playwright, songwriter and musician.  He sits on the Board of Directors of the Quality Community Health Care, Inc.(QCHC) and the Gospel Music Preservation Alliance, (GMPA).