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When submitting work for us to expedite your project and give you the very best, quality work it is important that you provide all text in a Microsoft Word document and email as an attachment.  Photo's must be submitted as a jpeg and also sent as an attachment in your email.(Please do not insert pictures in the body of the email)  These instructions make it easier for your project to be completed in a timely manner.

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​Thank you for choosing "Make It So" Management Design Team for your graphic design project.  "Make It So" Management will work hard to make your dream come true. With our home base office in Philadelphia, our talented graphic design team knows that good ideas and happy customers come from listening and understanding. Our clientele are the core of our business and we understand the importance of empathy for you and your company.  We offer a complete line of graphic design services, ranging from print media such as brochures, posters, signage, postcards, flyers, logo's and website design.  We are a forward thinking design company specializing in creating strong branding for social and environmentally conscious companies.  We love working with companies that want high quality web and logo identity, from the look and feel of your site, to the color palette that will be used we will create and identity for your company that your demographic can identify with so they feel connected to your purpose in creating a better world.